The Body Shop – SPA Finesse (Firming & Toning)

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I recently bought this new launch SPA Finesse from Body Shop at Ginza. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to give themselves a good massage while they are watching TV. Its so easy to use, and after a few minutes of massaging on your arms and legs you have this nice relaxing feeling (it feels like the sore from your legs are gone!) and the skins feel velvet soft and smooth. Additionally, you have a nice citric smell too.

I can’t comment that it is firming & toning any part of my body yet. However, I will still recommend it. However i must say that the price is kinda steep for a Body Shop Brand, so it would be wiser to buy it when it is on sales.


Takayama & shirakawa go

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It was a golden week in japan and a long weekend. As usual not having much plans or activities, I decided to make a trip down and visit one of the nominated historical village by UNESCO.

The weather is nice and the air is so fresh! There you must try the local famous beef call hida beef and the soba noddles 🙂

Unfortunately I am unable to stay 2nights as I had planned but 2 days and 1 nights is good enough to cover both towns as it’s small.

And I would suggest taking the highway bus from Tokyo to there as the cost is cheaper and the time traveling there is the same as taking the Shinkansen, too.

A recommended place to visit if you have the time and like to visit old towns.






Back to Singapore for Chinese New Year

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It has been two years since I come back to Singapore to celebrate CNY!

I missed the weather here, and also notice many new things, but the trip is too short for me to go to all the new places to visit.

Went to haji lane today, to see anything new however I didn’t find anything interesting and is pretty disappointed. It’s a cool place and there should put it more efforts to make it more happening.

Also visited Chinatown, same as usual. Tourist place and crowded with people but I had my good old dim sum at one of the popular store. Yummy!!

What I have notice though is that things are getting more and more expensive here. I hope this trend isn’t going to continue!!

Below are the few places I visited during my trip back, enjoy!!






From Chinatown and Buddha Tooth Relic




Arab Street and Haji Lane

Last winter in Tokyo

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It has come to the days where my work is coming to an end and bye bye Tokyo.

The journey here is wonderful, I learnt new things, met nice people, visited some nice places and even recently dated a very nice guy (so unfortunately… Wished I knew him much earlier)

Anyway, i will miss the little things I have here in Tokyo and back to Singapore. However, Singapore is my home country, it’s still my favorite city I always call home 🙂






Little things I done with friends 🙂

Speed Dating

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It was a boring winter months for me I must say until I got this invite by my girl friend to attend a speed dating event with her.

I never know anything about such activities and was pretty curious about it. So I finally agree to go along with her to open my eyes for once at least.

Somehow I kinda not looking forward to it, and because its a promise I decided to go ahead anyway….

Reason why I regret going are:
1. I suspect that non of the guys that are there would be my type
2. English teachers (most of them)
3. IT programmer (with long hair, some of them have even longer hair than mine!!)
4. Weird old men!!! (One came with an marriage proposal that I suspect to all the ladies he met there!)

Finally that day arrived and I remember vividly that we are experiencing bad weather from sand dust blowing towards Tokyo from China.. The sky was yellow in color with many sand particles flying into my eyes (wearing shades didn’t help much either and by mid day I gave up wearing them).

And so we arrived at this bar which was the venue. Each of us were given a name tag and assigned to a table. And the men is suppose to move round the table and chat with you for 5mins.

Everyone of them is profiling you asking questions like:
1. Where do you live?
2. What is your job?
3. Are you an expat in Japan?
4. Etc

20mins into the event I had this urge to pick up my things and go, but it seem like my friend is enjoying it so I stayed on…

Anyway fast forward >> my advice is if you are smart, attractive and a confident lady, skip it! I am sure you will find someone attracted to you at a normal friends outing, bookshop perhaps or cocktail parties organized by your friends or company!

But hey, apart from my complains here I got an email from a guy who attended the event (looks smart, speak pretty good English, a Japanese man…) At least my entry fee of 2500¥ worth it! Covering a glass of gin tonic and a possible date later, lol! If there is one…

My life in Tokyo, still experiencing the new and the old traditions!

Beautiful Autumn – Japan

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It’s the long weekend, hence my girl & myself decided to go on a day trip outside the city to the country side for some enjoyment of maple leaves and waterfall 🙂 3 hrs train ride including bus shuttle.

However when we got lost looking for the way back to the train station, a kind kid was so nice, she brought us back to her home and ask her daddy to send us to the station.

Although my camera batteries went dead (b/c I left the charger in Singapore… Dame! However that is another story to tell) I managed to take some nice pictures 🙂














H&M – Maison Martin Margiela

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I have been counting and waiting for this launch date, and i can’t wait to be the one of those fans queuing in line waiting to grab the pieces of dress, top, shoes and bags from this fabulous collaboration!

I think this is even better than the last one… and i can’t wait if H&M is going to work with the next most innovative designer… move aside LVHM your old news and H&M w MMM rocks!